Intro to Blooket: A Step-by-Step Guide to Joining and Playing Games

Blooket has quickly become one of the most popular educational game platforms used by teachers. With its fun, arcade-style games, it makes reviewing class concepts and studying material more exciting and engaging for students. This beginner's guide will explain exactly how to join and play Blooket games.

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What is Blooket?

Blooket is a web-based learning platform that allows teachers to create quiz-based games for students to play. These games transform studying into entertaining activities that feel like playing a game, not taking a test.

Some of the most popular Blooket game modes include:

  • Gold Quest - Answer questions to earn gold to buy power-ups
  • Crypto - Buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies by answering problems
  • Racing - Race around a track by solving questions quickly
  • Tower Defense - Protect your castle from enemies by answering math questions
  • Café - Run a cafe by taking customer orders based on reading/logic questions

Teachers can use Blooket's library of pre-made games or build fully custom games tailored to their curriculum and students. It’s accessible from any computer or mobile device with internet.

Benefits of Blooket

Blooket provides many benefits for 21st century classrooms:

  • Makes learning more fun and interactive for digital-native students
  • Increases student motivation and engagement with material
  • Allows teachers to assess comprehension through game play
  • Differentiates easily by assigning different games/levels based on skill
  • Generates student progress data and analytics for teachers
  • Can be used to review and reinforce concepts in a game format

How to Join a Blooket Game

Joining a game set up by the teacher is simple. Follow these steps:

Get the Game Code

The teacher will provide a unique 5-digit game code to input. This code appears at the top of the game lobby on their screen. Write it down or take a picture of it.

Go to

Open the Blooket website on your device. You can access it at The desktop or mobile site will work.

Click "Join Game"

At the top of the Blooket homepage, click or tap the "Join Game" button. This will open a pop-up window.

Input Game Code

In the pop-up, type or paste the 5-digit game code given by your teacher. Make sure it is entered correctly.

Choose Name and Avatar

You will then be asked to enter your name and pick a fun avatar. This will be your player identity.

Hit "Play"

After customizing your profile, click or tap the "Play" button to officially join the game lobby. Wait here until your teacher launches the game.

And that's it! Entering the code properly will connect you to the customized Blooket game set up for your class.

How to Play Blooket Games

Once added to the lobby, here is the basic gameplay flow:

Wait for Game to Start

Be patient as your teacher gets all students into the lobby. They will initiate the game when everyone has joined.

Question Rounds

Most games have multiple rounds of questions from the chosen topic. Different game modes have varying mechanics but all involve answering questions.

Answer Questions

Questions will appear on screen with answer choices. Select the choice you think is correct before the timer runs out to earn points.

Get Instant Feedback

If you get a question wrong, Blooket will show the correct answer and a quick explanation about why. Use this feedback to learn.

Track Progress

Your running score and metrics like correct answers will display on screen. Strive to improve each round!

Use Power-Ups (optional)

Some games allow you to use power-ups or bonuses you earn by playing well. These can steal opponent tokens, freeze time, or protect you from losing points among other creative functions. Use them strategically!

See Results

At the end of all rounds, final scores and rankings will appear. Congratulate the winners and demand a rematch if needed!

Blooket Game Variations

While all Blooket games follow the core mechanics above, there are some variations across the most popular modes:

  • Gold Quest - Earn gold nuggets from correct answers to buy power-ups from the shop like extra time and steal nuggets. Most gold wins.
  • Crypto - Answer to earn tokens you can buy/sell in a simulated crypto market. Make smart investments to grow your wallet value.
  • Racing - Race around a track by answering quickly, use boosts earned via correct answers. First to finish the laps claims victory.
  • Café - Manage customer orders at a café by solving logic puzzles. Meet seating prefences and serve food/drinks to earn tips.
  • Tower Defense - Stop enemies from reaching your castle by answering math questions to build defenses like archers, walls, traps, etc. Survive the waves.

There are many more like Factory, Nightmare, Climb the Tower, and Cash Out - each with fun themes. The variety keeps games exciting across multiple plays.

Why Students Love Blooket

Blooket has become a classroom sensation because kids love the following:

  • Game themes and mechanics are more fun than paper worksheets
  • Playing games in class feels like a reward rather than a chore
  • Friendly competition with classmates is motivating
  • Goofy avatars, animations and sounds make questions engaging
  • Instant feedback helps gauge comprehension and learn from mistakes
  • Unlocking achievements and customizations provides a sense of accomplishment
  • Can be played anywhere on phones, tablets, computers via the website

Blooket allows students to study and review material in a game format they enjoy. This increases focus, drives competition, and boosts retention of concepts.

Tips for New Blooket Players

Here are some tips when starting out with Blooket:

  • Pay close attention when your teacher gives the game code. Write it down correctly.
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection before joining.
  • Pick a fun avatar and customize it to represent your personality.
  • Take games seriously to learn, but don't stress if you don't know all the answers yet.
  • Use power-ups you earn at strategic times for maximum impact.
  • Read the feedback carefully to understand why you got questions wrong.
  • Play fairly by not cheating or sharing game codes outside your class.
  • Ask your teacher for help joining if you have trouble with game codes or technology issues.
  • Have fun! Blooket is meant to get you engaged with learning in a new way.


With its arcade-style games that feel more like entertainment than school work, it’s easy to see why Blooket has become a breakout classroom hit. While teachers find it a great tool to reinforce lessons and gauge comprehension, students appreciate the fun way it transforms studying into games.

Learning how to properly join your teacher’s game lobby with the provided code opens up this exciting new world. Mastering the question-and-answer based gameplay drives collaboration, friendly competition, and deeper understanding of material.

Blooket makes it easy to engage students in any subject through game-based learning. So get ready for some serious fun by giving Blooket a try today!