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The Snake game formula has been a staple of casual gaming for over 40 years. First hitting arcades in the 1970s, the serpentine avatar and simple mechanics quickly proved addictive. Snake rose to global prominence after being included on Nokia mobile phones in the late 90s.

Google has played a key role in keeping Snake relevant in the 21st century by incorporating the iconic gameplay into many of their products. Let's explore the top 6 Snake game offerings from Google that provide quick, nostalgic Snake fun.


1. Worm Hunt - Snake Io Game

Worm Hunt is one of the most popular online multiplayer Snake games available today. Developed by Wild Spike, this snake io title blends classic serpentine mechanics with colorful cartoon graphics and strategic arena combat.

Key Features

  • Vibrant cartoon worm avatars with fun skins
  • 1v1 real-time battles against opponents
  • Shrinking map forces conflict as playspace constricts
  • Daily quests and progression system
  • Mobile and desktop browser support


Worm Hunt matches take place in an arena where each player controls their wiggly worm avatar. The goal is to squirm around gobbling up as much food as possible to grow bigger than your opponent.

Powerups like Speed Boost and Transparent briefly give you an edge during battles. Make sure to avoid crashing your worm into walls or other snakes - if you collide with anything, your worm dies and respawns tiny again!

The last huge worm slithering wins the match. With charming visuals and strategic multiplayer Snake mechanics, Worm Hunt is one of the most polished and competitive io snake experiences out there.

2. Google Maps Snake Game

In 2019, Google surprised users by incorporating classic Snake gameplay directly into Google Maps! This creative mashup blends nostalgic gaming with educational geography.

Key Features

  • Uses real world Google Maps city streets
  • Landmark collection mechanic
  • Themed snake avatars like taxis and buses
  • Family-friendly graphics and music
  • Supports desktop and mobile


The Google Maps Snake game has you choose major cities around the world to play in, like London, Cairo, Tokyo, and Sydney. Your snake avatar will be a vehicle fitting that location.

Maneuver through the actual city streets on the Google Map, collecting landmarks as you go. Landmarks include famous sites like Big Ben in London or Cherry Blossom trees in Tokyo.

Avoid crashing your lengthening snake into dead ends or road barriers. The default game length is 90 seconds as you race to gobble up landmarks and achieve a high score.

The Google Maps integration provides geographic education and greater city familiarity. This creative approach brings new life to the Snake formula.

3. Snake Retro Game

For Snake gaming in its purest retro form, Google provides a classic Snake edition playable right in your browser. It replicates the original pixel graphics and barebones Snake rules.

Key Features

  • Faithful retro pixel graphics
  • Copy of 1980s Snake games
  • Single player high score focus
  • No powerups or customizations
  • Extremely simple control scheme


The retro Snake game on Google looks and feels almost identical to the editions found on 90s Nokia phones, 80s consoles, and 70s arcades.

A pixelated snake starts in the center of a blank grid. Use the arrow keys to navigate the serpent around the screen, gobbling up pixels and food to make your snake grow.

Avoid crashing into walls or your own ever-lengthening tail. The longer you can survive and the more objects you collect, the higher your score will climb.

With the retro sound effects and fidelity to Snake's early roots, Google's classic Snake offering provides a nostalgia rush. Relive the early mobile gaming craze.

4. Snake Game 2 Google

Looking for multiplayer Snake action? Google's Snake Game 2 allows a 2 player competitive mode in your browser for free. Race against a friend to grow your snake biggest!

Key Features

  • Local multiplayer Snake gameplay
  • No downloads required
  • Easy pick-up-and-play controls
  • Powers up spawn for temporary boosts
  • Leaderboards and skill progression


Quickly launch a 2 player Snake match on Google by searching "Snake Game 2" or visiting maps . / snakes 2.

Player 1 controls a blue snake with WASD and Player 2 maneuvers a purple snake with the arrow keys. Gobble up pixels and food on the board to lengthen your snake while avoiding the other player's body.

If your snakes collide, the smaller snake dies! Make strategic movements to trap and outmaneuver your opponent. Powerups will occasionally spawn to make your snake temporarily faster or longer too.

See who can achieve the highest score by surviving the longest and chomping the most pellets. Snake Game 2 is instant multiplayer Snake chaos perfect for quick sessions.

5. Classic Snake Game Google

For Snake gaming without any frills, Google provides a Classic Snake edition that replicates the original formula in your browser. It's Snake gaming distilled to pure retro perfection.

Key Features

  • Identical Snake gameplay as 1990s mobile
  • Appealing retro pixel graphics
  • No powerups, just core mechanics
  • Relies entirely on keyboard controls
  • Pure pick-up-and-play arcade experience


You can launch Google's Classic Snake experience at google . com / fbx in any browser. Use the arrow keys to maneuver the pixelated snake avatar around a blank grid.

Gobble up the pixels and food to elongate your snake's body over time. Avoid colliding with walls or your own ever-growing tail. Keep going as long as possible while tallying a high score.

The retro sound effects and pixel look provide major throwback appeal. Google's Classic Snake is Snake gaming in one of its original forms, perfect for mobile nostalgia.

6. Snake Game Google

Among Google's selection of Snake variants, their flagship Snake Game offers a polished and traditional Snake gaming experience right on Google domains.

Key Features

  • Arrow key controls for movement
  • Colorful sprite graphics
  • No gimmicks, just core Snake mechanics
  • Single player high score challenge
  • Leaderboards to compare rankings


Google's Snake Game can currently be found at / fbx - just visit in your browser and hit the arrow keys.

Guide the snake around the grid eating pellets and food, carefully avoiding collisions. The goal remains growing your snake as large as possible while racking up points.

With vibrant sprites instead of pure pixels, Google's Snake Game adds some visual flair while retaining the classic arcade rules. It sticks to the essence of Snake.

Rather than gimmicks, Google Snake Game focuses purely on core serpentine mechanics - turning, collecting objects, dodging obstacles, and chasing high scores.


Google has helped keep classic Snake gaming experiences relevant in the browser era thanks to modern takes like Worm Hunt and nostalgic retro games like Classic Snake. Their variety of Snake offerings provides quick and easily accessible Snake fun.

Whether you crave multiplayer Snake showdowns or a solo pixelated nostalgia trip, Google's collection of Snake variants has an option to cater to all Snake lovers. Just open your browser and enjoy some instantly playable Snake gaming.

Google's integration of the iconic Snake formula into products like Google Maps also represents clever innovation that shows respect for gaming's retro history. For a free Snake fix, look no further than Google's menagerie of serpentine classics.

FAQ About Google's Top Snake Games

Here are some common questions about Google's selection of Snake games:

How can I access Google's Snake games?

Most are playable instantly at or by searching the game name like "Snake Game 2".

Do I need to download anything to play?

Nope, Google's Snake games run directly in your desktop or mobile browser with no installation needed.

Which Snake game has the best graphics?

Worm Hunt features colorful cartoon-style worm avatars and backgrounds. The retro Snake options use simple pixel graphics.

Is there a 3D Snake game on Google?

Not currently - Google's Snake titles utilize a traditional overhead 2D view for movement.

Which Google Snake game is the most difficult?

Worm Hunt provides a competitive multiplayer challenge. The single player modes come down to beating your high scores.

Can I play Snake on my phone through Google?

Yes, all the Google Snake editions are mobile browser compatible. Controls are optimized for touchscreens.

Do any of the games have powerups?

Worm Hunt and Snake Game 2 include temporary boost powerups during matches to briefly get advantages.

Which Google Snake game is the most retro?

The aptly titled Classic Snake option replicates the pixel Snake games of the 1970s to 1990s.

Are Google's Snake games offline?

No, you need an internet connection as the games load through Google's web servers.

Does Google have an original / unique Snake title?

Google Maps Snake stands out for using real world maps. Most others emulate classic arcade Snake gameplay.