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Snake Game 2 - Play the Classic Snake Formula Multiplayer

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Snake 2 is an exciting twist on the classic Snake formula, allowing 2 players to battle it out on the same board for high scores. Originally a single player affair, Snake 2 adds a competitive social element to the retro Snake experience.

Snake Game 2 is playable directly on Google's site as an homage to nostalgic Nokia mobile Snake editions. Let's explore what Snake 2 gameplay involves and why multiplayer Snake is so enjoyable.

How to Play Snake 2 on Google

To launch Snake 2, simply search Google for the phrase "Snake Game 2" and click the multiplayer snake link that appears. Alternatively go directly to maps.google.com/snakes2.

On the game screen, you'll see a traditional Snake playing field with two pixelated snakes - one blue and one purple. Player 1 uses the W, A, S, D keys to control the blue snake, while Player 2 uses the arrow keys for the purple snake.

The goal is the same as classic Snake - eat the pixels and food to make your snake grow longer while avoiding crashes. But now you have the added challenge of avoiding the other player's snake as you try to build the biggest snake.

If the snakes collide, the smaller snake dies and resets back to small size. Powerups will occasionally spawn to briefly make your snake faster or longer. See who can build the largest, longest snake before time runs out to win!

Appealing Aspects of 2 Player Snake

What makes going head to head in Snake Game 2 so enjoyable? Here are the key perks:

  • Competition - Racing against a friend or family member heightens engagement and stakes.

  • Strategy - You must balance dodging the rival snake vs optimizing your own path and growth.

  • Cooperation - Some strategy involves cooperating at times to avoid mutual collisions.

  • Unexpectedness - A human opponent leads to more surprises and complex movement than AI bots.

  • Simplicity - Easy to grasp Snake rules meaning anyone can join in the fun.

  • Nostalgia - Multiplayer Snake evokes memories of passing phones back and forth.

Snake 2 maintains the pick-up-and-play simplicity of classic Snake while interacting with another person significantly expands the fun.

Multiplayer Snake Community

Beyond just casual enjoyment, Snake 2 has fostered a passionate community of competitive multiplayer Snake gamers who compete in tournaments and leaderboards.

Top players master tactics like tricking opponents into crashing or pinning them against walls with their superior snake length. Elite skills emerge around coordinated movement, psychology, and reflexes.

YouTube channels dedicated to Snake 2 gameplay rack up millions of views. The competitive scene shows how the simple Snake formula allows high skill ceilings when playing human opponents.

While new players hop in for casual fun, multiplayer Snake also has surprising depth as an esport. The classic game can be enjoyed at all levels.

Development History

Google's Snake Game 2 landed as part of a resurgence of nostalgia for retro pixel Snake games.

In 2015, the hit mobile game Slither.io launched a multiplayer browser version of Snake that went viral. This revealed enthusiasm among millennials for revisiting simple Snake gameplay in a modern online setting.

Looking to tap into this nostalgia themselves, Google added a solo Snake game inside Google Maps in 2019 as an April Fools joke. Its popularity led them to expand the Snake experiment across other Google services.

Snake 2 arrived on the Google homepage in 2020. Adding 2 player support represented a logical evolution, transferring the competitive spirit of Slither.io back into the classic Snake mold.

The ability to play a quick Snake battle royale with a friend directly on Google without any downloads reinvented the iconic mobile game for the modern era.

Future Outlook

Google's Snake 2 demonstrates how introducing multiplayer dynamics can keep decades old game concepts feeling fresh. This presents opportunities to expand Snake even further:

  • Online Play - Enable competing against online opponents remotely to find matches 24/7.

  • Powerup Variety - New powerups that reverse controls, freeze opponents, or burst speed.

  • Team Snake - 3 or 4 player Snakes with teammates competing against opposing pairs.

  • Leagues & Ratings - Competitive seasons, tourneys, and tiered leagues for the esports scene.

  • New Modes - Deathmatch, racing, or co-op challenges to complement the battle format.

  • Customization - Skin options to personalize your Snake and taunt opponents.

  • Maps - Themed maps and environments beyond just a blank grid.

Snake Game 2 shows the basic Snake concept harbors plenty of engaging multiplayer potential beyond just its classic single player high score chasing.


Snake 2 modernizes the retro Snake formula for the multiplayer generation by pitting two players against each other on the same maze. This amps up the excitement, competitiveness, and skills.

Google's browser-based Snake Game 2 makes enjoying this retro revival accessible to all. Both casual and serious Snake gamers can appreciate a quick 2 player Snake match full of strategy, dodging, and outsmarting your opponent.

Relive memories of crowded rooms passing phones around for multiplayer Snake. Google's addition of head-to-head competition revives the classic mobile game for an online world.

Snake Game 2 Google FAQ

Here are some common questions about Snake 2 on Google:

How do you access 2 player Snake on Google?

Search Google for "Snake Game 2" or go directly to maps.google.com/snakes2.

What are the controls?

Player 1 uses W, A, S, D. Player 2 uses arrow keys.

How do you win at Snake 2?

Build the largest snake by eating the most pixels and food without crashing into walls or the other snake.

Does Snake Game 2 require downloading?

No, Snake 2 is playable instantly on Google within your web browser. No app install needed.

Can you play Snake 2 on mobile?

Yes, Snake 2 works on mobile browsers allowing pass-and-play multiplayer on one device.

Is there a single player Snake game on Google too?

Yes, Google also offers a solo Snake experience inside Google Maps as another nostalgic easter egg.

What happens if the snakes collide?

The smaller snake dies when snakes collide. So carefully avoid crashing into the rival.

How long has Snake 2 been around?

Google launched Snake Game 2 on their homepage in 2020 as a follow-up to their Maps Snake 2019 addition.

Who would enjoy Snake Game 2?

It's great for nostalgic millennials craving old school Snake as well as younger gamers seeking a fun head-to-head experience.

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