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Worm Hunt is a wildly popular snake io game that was first released in January 2021 for iOS and Android devices. An HTML5 version launched in October 2022, making the game accessible directly in web browsers on both desktop and mobile. Developed by Wild Spike, Worm Hunt has quickly become one of the most played snake games online.

How to Play Worm Hunt

The goal in Worm Hunt is to control your worm around a large arena and eat as much food as possible to grow bigger than the other players' worms. It's a classic snake gameplay formula that also incorporates io elements like powerups and coins.

To move your worm, simply use your mouse or finger to tap in the direction you want to squirm. As you pick up the scattered food dots, your worm will elongate. Be careful not to run into another worm's trail or your own! Crashing into any worm will cause your worm to die and respawn small again.

In addition to the plentiful food sources, there are also powerup boosts that spawn in the arena. Running over a powerup allows you to activate its effect for a short time. Powerups include Speed Boost for extra velocity, Transparent to make your worm invisible, and Double Points to earn double the coins from eating food.

As you eat food and defeat enemy worms, you'll earn coins that can be spent in the in-game shop on upgrades. Unlock new worm skins for a fresh look or purchase permanent buffs for your worms using the skill trees. Equipping skins and upgrading skills will give you an edge over the competition.

Complete daily tasks like playing a certain number of games or winning rounds to earn gems. Gems allow you to speed up unlocking chests and worm upgrades.

Arena Gameplay Mechanics

The arena in Worm Hunt has some unique elements that influence how you need to strategize and control your worm during the matches:

  • Shrinking Map: The playable area slowly decreases over time, narrowing down the wiggle room and forcing encounters with enemy worms. Be aware of the borders enclosing the arena as you don't want to get boxed in!

  • Powerup Spawns: Keep an eye out for the powerup boosts mentioned above like Speed Boost and Transparent. Grabbing these at opportune moments can swiftly turn the tide of battle in your favor.

  • Food Respawn: Food sources gradually respawn after being consumed, spreading out additional food across the map and rewarding those worms who survive the longest.

  • Death Hazards: Getting sandwiched between another worm's body and the wall will instantly kill your worm. You also need to avoid crashing into yourself and other hazards in the arena.

Worm Customization & Upgrades

Part of the appeal of Worm Hunt is customizing your own unique worms. As you earn more coins from eating food and defeating enemies, you can unlock new skins and upgrades:

Skins - There are over a dozen fun skins to choose from, letting you personalize your worm with styles like Glitch, Radioactive, Void, and more. Apply skins for a fresh look.

Skill Trees - Each worm type has its own skill tree that you can spend coins on to permanently upgrade attributes like Health, Speed, Transparent Time, and others. Upgrade your favorites!

Daily Tasks - By completing daily tasks like playing a certain number of matches or winning rounds, you'll be rewarded with gems. Use these gems to speed up unlocking chests and upgrades.

Top Tips & Strategies

Here are some helpful tips and strategies to keep in mind as you master the art of Worm Hunt:

  • Start each match by aggressively collecting scattered food to grow your worm faster.

  • Avoid running into the center until your worm is longer. Patience at the start prevents early deaths!

  • Activate powerups like Speed Boost at opportune times to swiftly grab food or escape danger.

  • When feasible, trap other worms by blocking their path with your body so they run into you and die.

  • When two large worms collide head-on, rapidly tapping side to side can help wiggle out of the standoff.

  • Consider equipping Transparent before going after an exceptionally large worm to briefly become invincible.

  • Study your worm options in the shop and unlock the skill tree upgrades that best suit your playstyle.

Worm Hunt Development & History

Worm Hunt was created by the game development company Wild Spike, an experienced mobile game studio based in Belarus.

They previously created popular io games like Crowd City and KillStreak.tv. Their expertise in multiplayer online experiences made them well-suited to crafting the competitive worm battles of Worm Hunt.

In January 2021, Worm Hunt first launched on iOS and Android devices after roughly 8 months of development. The initial mobile release was a big success, achieving over 15 million global downloads within its first year.

Due to high demand from fans, Wild Spike decided to create an HTML5 browser-compatible version of Worm Hunt in 2022. This allowed the game to be played directly in desktop and mobile web browsers, significantly expanding its access and player base.

The HTML5 edition launched in October 2022 and quickly gained traction. Worm Hunt saw over 50 million plays within its first month on browsers. Its availability on multiple platforms cemented its popularity as one of the top snake io games.

In response to the game's success, Wild Spike has continued updating Worm Hunt with tweaks and optimizations. New limited-time holiday skins are added to keep the experience feeling fresh and festive. The developer says more content and features are planned for future updates.

Why Worm Hunt Stands Out in Snake Io Genre

Worm Hunt has emerged as one of the leading games in the competitive snake io genre for several key reasons:

Vibrant Art Style - The bright and colorful cartoon worms and arenas create an inviting atmosphere that appeals to all ages.

Strategic Elements - Powerups, traps, skill trees, and shrinking maps allow for tactical playstyles beyond simply growing your snake.

Multiplayer Focus - Unlike many snake games, the battles are purely multiplayer, creating constant encounters with real opponents.

Active Development - Wild Spike's ongoing updates with skins, maps, and features keep the gameplay novel.

Cross-Platform Access - Available on both desktop/mobile web browsers as well as iOS and Android devices.

Daily Rewards - Logging in to complete daily tasks wins you gems that speed up progression and customization.

Easy to Pick Up - Straightforward controls and rules make Worm Hunt accessible yet hard to master.

Thanks to its lively cartoon aesthetic, deep strategic elements, cross-platform availability, and extremely active development, Worm Hunt stands out as one of the most well-rounded and enjoyable io snake experiences available today.

Similar & Related Games

As a popular entry in the slither-style snake genre, fans of Worm Hunt may also want to check out these similar multiplayer io games:

Slither.io - The classic browser-based snake io game that started the trend. Grow your snake by intercepting pellets and defeat other players by cutting them off.

Wormate.io - Another snake battle game with buzzing SFX and neon color schemes. Unlock skins and powerups to grow the largest worm.

Wormax.io - Arena-based battles between cartoon worms. Has powerups like acid spit and farmer skins with unique abilities.

Worm.io - Directly inspired by Worm Hunt, this new snake io game has very similar graphics and gameplay.

Mope.io - Instead of only snakes, it features unlockable animal avatars like rabbits, cheetahs, lions, and dragons.

Slither Birds - Adds a twist by letting you control a flying snake in the sky above cityscapes. Grab buildings and pull them down.

Crowd City - Made by the same Wild Spike developer. Grow your humanoid blob by swallowing smaller characters in busy cities.

Fans of more traditional single player snake games may enjoy classics like Snake ’97, Slither.io, and Snakes.io for a more laidback experience. Overall, Worm Hunt stands at the forefront of the competitive online snake battle genre and is a must-play for io game enthusiasts.

Worm Hunt App Store Reviews & Ratings

Since first launching on mobile in January 2021, Worm Hunt has amassed over 100,000 App Store reviews across iOS and Android resulting in high ratings. Here is a sampling of the app feedback:

"Insanely addicting io game! Love the customization with daily rewards and tasks. Graphics are cute and colorful. Perfect for killing time or playing during short breaks." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I wasn't expecting much but this game ended up sucking me in for hours! Really impressed by all the maps, skins, game modes, and progression elements layered into the simple snake gameplay." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Got boring after a few days but was fun at first. Felt repetitive doing the same thing over and over." ⭐⭐⭐

"Pay-to-win mechanics kind of ruin it eventually when you hit a wall with the free stuff." ⭐⭐

"My 6 year old is obsessed, he loves making the snakes long and customizing them. Easy controls." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall the game holds a 4.4 out of 5 average rating on the App Store since launch, indicating a largely positive reception among mobile gamers. While some players feel the progression stalls out after a while, most are hooked by the straightforward but engaging multiplayer snake battles. The cute cartoon style is accessible for all ages. For free casual gaming on the go, Worm Hunt delivers plenty of enjoyable hours of wormy io fun.

Worm Hunt Gameplay Tips & FAQs

Here are some common gameplay questions and expert tips for dominating matches in Worm Hunt:

How do you respawn when your worm dies?

Your worm will automatically respawn a short time after dying. Just keep tapping and moving around to jump back in the match!

What buttons make your worm speed boost?

Quickly double-tapping the left or right movement buttons will trigger a short speed boost. Use sparingly as it has a cooldown.

How long do powerups last?

Powerups like Transparent and Double Points typically last around 5-10 seconds. Make the most of them while they're active!

Should you camp near food or roam aggressively?

In the early game, camping near small food allows quick growth. Later, roaming aggressively lets you trap other big worms. Mix up tactics.

What happens if two large worms collide headfirst?

Rapidly tap left and right to 'wiggle' out of collisions until one worm changes direction. Having longer length often wins out.

Is there a way to rotate the camera angle?

No, the top-down camera angle is fixed to give all players equal view of the arena.

How do you unlock new worm skins?

Use the coins earned from matches in the shop menu to permanently unlock new skins like Void, Glitch, and Party.

Can you play Worm Hunt on PC?

Yes! The HTML5 version allows desktop gameplay directly in your web browser without downloads.

What is the best game mode to earn coins quickly?

Play the limited-time x2 or x3 coin event modes which provide doubled or tripled coin rewards per match!

The Future of Worm Hunt

With over 100 million total downloads amassed since first launching in 2021, Worm Hunt has proven itself as a rising star in the io genre. Based on updates from the game's developers at Wild Spike, here is what likely lies in store for the future of Worm Hunt:

  • More Limited Skins - Expect holiday-themed and special event worm skins to continue releasing.

  • New Game Modes - Possible new creative game rules or winning conditions to spice up matches.

  • Expanded Arena Designs - New maps with different layouts and hazards to master.

  • Daily Content - More daily tasks, rewards, and challenges to promote engagement.

  • Tournaments - Potential for officially organized competitive tournaments with prizes and ranks.

  • Social Features - Worm Hunt lacks social systems now, but a friends list or leaderboard could happen.

  • Single Player - Additional PvE focused content like challenges or a campaign mode vs AI.

Wild Spike seems committed to actively developing Worm Hunt in the long-term. The core snake io gameplay provides a strong yet flexible foundation for all sorts of new content to be built on top. Fans should expect even more ambitious updates and features as the game continues evolving in 2023 and beyond.


With its vibrant cartoon graphics, deep upgrade progression, and enormous community of fans, Worm Hunt has cemented itself as one of the premier io multiplayer snake games available today. Easy to pick up yet challenging to master, Worm Hunt's arena-based battles deliver engaging and strategic competition for ages.

Developer Wild Spike continues to support the game with fresh content, promotions, and optimization across its mobile and browser-based versions. As a top entry in the slither.io subgenre, Worm Hunt stands out for its lively style, satisfying gameplay loop, and active development. In the world of online snake games, make sure to slither over and check out the wildly fun mayhem of Worm Hunt.



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