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Google Doodle Halloween Game - Spooky Fun in Google's Multiplayer Match

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As a Halloween treat, Google's annual Doodle game for 2022 transforms its homepage into a spooky multiplayer matchup. Doodle Halloween delivers casual battler fun with a festive flair.

In the Great Ghoul Duel, players pick a ghostly avatar and face off 1v1 to knock their opponent off a tilting platform floating in space. With easy tap or click controls, you'll dash around hitting fireball shots to damage your foe's HP and send them plunging down into the abyss.

The multiplayer madness unfolds across best-of-three rounds. Each duel packs tense back-and-forth action as you trade shots, trying to time hits when your rival is vulnerable. Win two rounds to claim victory and advance.

Doodle Halloween captures a playful spirit with its cute ghost designs and rather than genuinely scary thrills. The cartoony haunted house setting provides a festive backdrop as you engage in some friendly competition.

Accessible to all skill levels, Doodle Halloween is the perfect quick gaming distraction. Let the family battles commence! Google kept the entertaining multiplayer format from previous years but provides a new ghostly roster to mix up the action.

How to Play Doodle Halloween

Here's a quick guide to battling it out in Google's Halloween Doodle game:

  • Use your mouse or finger to move left and right. No need to jump - your ghost automatically hovers.

  • Tap/click to fire ball projectiles at your opponent. Direct hits reduce their HP.

  • Reduce your rival's HP to zero to win a round. Win 2 rounds to claim the duel victory.

  • Pick up pumpkins that appear to restore your own HP.

  • Ghosts turn temporarily invincible after taking hits, so time your shots.

  • Dashing through your opponent makes them vulnerable again.

  • Try maneuvering behind your rival to gain an edge.

  • Play carefully! Falling off the stage costs you a round.

Focus on moving strategically as you exchange shots for a leg up over less experienced players. With practice, you can start predicting movements and sniping timely hits to gain an edge.

Let the trash talk commence! Doodle Halloween provides lighthearted competitive fun for all ages. Bring your A-game as you take on friends or family in Google's frightful 1v1 ghoul matchups.

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