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Doodle Cricket - The Fun and Addictive Online Cricket Game

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Doodle Cricket is an engaging online cricket game created by Google that provides an enjoyable and accessible cricket experience for players of all levels. With its casual gameplay, charming graphics, and focus on fast-paced batting action, Doodle Cricket has become a hit with cricket fans across the globe.

An Introduction to Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket was launched by Google in 2017 as an interactive Google Doodle to celebrate the start of the ICC Champions Trophy tournament. The browser-based game quickly gained popularity, and Google eventually released standalone mobile apps for iOS and Android.

At its core, Doodle Cricket captures the thrill of batting in a simplified format. As the batsman, the player’s objective is to score as many runs as possible while avoiding getting out. With just a click or tap, you can swing the bat and send the ball racing to the boundary. While the controls are straightforward, mastering the timing and shot placement takes skill.

The gameplay is smooth and rewarding. As you connect with the ball, you’ll see satisfyings cracks of the bat. And when you manage to smash a six over the rope, you’re rewarded with uplifting crowd cheers and fireworks. Little details like this help immerse players in the cricket experience.

What Makes Doodle Cricket So Enjoyable

Doodle Cricket succeeds in distilling cricket down to its most exciting element - free-flowing batting. By removing complexities like field placement and bowling strategy, it allows anyone to enjoy hitting fours and sixes. At the same time, the game retains the cricket spirit with its visuals, sounds, and rules.

Accessible Pick-Up-and-Play Gameplay

With Doodle Cricket, even those new to cricket can dive right into the action. The intuitive controls make it easy to start playing within seconds. All you need to do is time your swing to make contact with the ball. This simplicity opens up cricket’s fun to a wider audience.

Charming Doodle Art Style

Doodle Cricket features a charming, hand-drawn cartoon art style. The minimalist cricketers and animated motions have a cute, doodle-like quality. This gives the game a neat look while keeping the focus on smooth gameplay. The bright colors and lively motions like fielders diving for catches add to the visual appeal.

Quick and Addictive Matches

A key aspect of Doodle Cricket is its fast pace. Matches are snappy, lasting just 2-3 minutes each. This makes it perfect for short sessions on the go. The rapid gameplay also creates an addictive, score-chasing appeal as you try to set high batting totals before getting out. Shorter matches also enable you to experiment with riskier big hits.

Global Leaderboards

After each match, your final score gets recorded on the worldwide leaderboards. This encourages you to keep topping your high scores and seeing how you rank against other players. Watching your position rise on the leaderboards provides a great sense of competition and achievement.

Varied Bowling Challenges

While you only bat in Doodle Cricket, the game features 10 international bowling teams. Each has a distinct style, from speedy bouncers to wicked spin, that tests your timing skills. Facing different bowlers keeps the batting experience unpredictable and engaging across multiple matches.

Realistic Cricket Sounds

From the thwack of ball meeting bat to crowd cheers for boundaries, Doodle Cricket encapsulates iconic cricket sounds. These audio effects enhance the immersion and satisfaction as you score runs. You can almost feel the energy of the crowd behind you as the boundaries flow.

How to Play Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket is easy to pick up but has depth to master. Here is an overview of how to play:


As the batsman, your objective is to score runs by hitting the ball with proper timing. Use your mouse or finger to swing the bat. Tap the screen just as the ball approaches to make crisp contact.

Time your shots carefully - early or late swings will likely miss or edge the ball. Solid straight drives and forceful pulls will send the ball to the boundary. You can also smash big hits over the fielders' heads for six runs.

Scoring Runs

To score runs after hitting the ball, quickly tap the running arrow before the batsmen get run out. Time additional runs efficiently between wickets. Boundaries like fours and sixes will automatically add runs.

Building Streaks

Consecutive runs without getting out will build multipliers to boost your score. But be cautious - a wicket breaks your streak. With two lives before final dismissal, balance risk and restraint.

Analyzing Bowlers

Study bowlers’ techniques to identify strengths and weaknesses. Expect faster speeds from certain nations or greater swing from others. Adapt your shots accordingly to outplay the bowlers.

Lasting as Long as Possible

Avoid outs through cautious shot selection, selective running, and reading deliveries. Remaining not out till the end of your batting period earns bonus runs to maximize your score.

Advanced Gameplay Strategies and Tips

Follow these expert tips to bat more effectively and set higher scores in Doodle Cricket:

  • Play straight drives through vacant off-side areas to reliably build singles and doubles.

  • Go on the front foot against fuller-length swing balls to negate movement and find the sweet spot.

  • Hit forceful pulls and hooks when bowlers target the leg side, but be ready to evade short deliveries aimed at your head.

  • Charge down the wicket against spinners to smother turn and gain hitting momentum.

  • Target the straight boundary to take advantage of fielders shifting to the sides.

  • Attempt late cuts to send the ball behind backward point for four.

  • Use batting power conservatively. Time it for clear strike opportunities to avoid getting caught.

  • Let some wide balls go - chasing after them often leads to edged dismissals.

  • Take risks and go for aerial hits once your streak multiplier is high to maximize runs.

  • Bat steadily at first to get your eye in. Then go on the attack once you’re seeing the ball well.

Doodle Cricket Game Modes

Doodle Cricket offers different game modes to suit your gameplay style, including:

Classic Mode

The default mode has you batting against 10 international teams. Chase high scores across these matches while avoiding running out of lives. Classic mode is the standard Doodle Cricket experience.

Time Trial

Score as many runs as you can within a set time limit like 2 or 5 minutes. Rush for big boundaries to set a high score before the timer ends. Time trial mode provides intense, high-pressure batting.

Endless Mode

Keep batting as long as you can across multiple innings to see how many runs you can accumulate. Careful batting to avoid outs becomes critical for a high tally.

Sudden Death

Similar to a super over in live cricket. Bat in a single over while trying to hit the maximum runs possible. This mode tests your skill at scoring big under pressure.


Face 20 overs of deliveries from a bowling team. Balance conservative batting to build your innings with later aggressive shots. Just like a real T20 match.

Challenge Mode

Take on specific objectives like only scoring in boundaries or achieving a target score. Complete different cricket challenges to improve your batting skills.

The Benefits of Playing Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket may seem like a simple browser game, but playing it regularly can provide some surprising benefits beyond just having fun. Here are some of the advantages you can gain:

Enhances Hand-Eye Coordination

Timing your shots and making fast batting decisions requires excellent hand-eye coordination. Playing Doodle Cricket helps develop this coordination in a more reflex-based way.

Improves Reaction Time

The game’s quickly approaching bowlers force you to react promptly to deliveries. With practice, you can sharpen your reaction time and fast information processing.

Teaches Cricket Basics

From the roles of bowlers and batsmen to field placement and scoring, Doodle Cricket instills an understanding of cricket gameplay mechanics.

Reduces Stress

The fun, casual nature of Doodle Cricket makes it a great way to relax. Short bursts of gaming can lower stress and release feel-good endorphins.

Boosts Mental Processing

Making quick batting judgments trains your brain’s processing speed and decision-making capabilities.

Doodle Cricket World Records

Dedicated Doodle Cricket players compete for high score glory. Here are some of the most astounding Doodle Cricket world records:

  • - Highest Score: 999+ runs in 18 minutes 21 seconds by Jass Chauhan

  • - Most Sixes: 165 sixes in a single innings by Ishan Patel

  • - Fastest Fifty: 17 deliveries by Dev Shah

  • - Fastest Century: 34 deliveries by Siddhesh Lad

  • - Most Fours: 119 fours in one innings by Vijay Anand

  • - Highest Individual Partnership: 999 runs by Akshat Jain and Partner

  • - Highest Innings Total: 999 runs in 18 overs by Ankur Gupta

These unbelievable feats show the possibilities of setting new records as you master Doodle Cricket.

Expanding the Doodle Cricket Experience

While the classic browser-based Doodle Cricket provides endless quick-hitting fun, expanding your cricket gaming experience unlocks more excitement:

Mobile Apps

Doodle Cricket mobile apps for iOS and Android offer the same fast-paced action optimized for touchscreens. Enjoy Doodle Cricket gameplay on the go.

Tournament Play

Join online Doodle Cricket tournaments to compete 1v1 in a series of matches versus top players. Test your skills in an eSports-style cricket competition.


With web and mobile multiplayer support, you can take on friends and other players. Collaborative 2v2 matches add fun social interaction.

VR Cricket

For the ultimate immersion, VR headsets let you step into a virtual cricket stadium and wield motion controllers as bats. A taste of real batting.

Advanced Cricket Games

Graduate to fuller-featured cricket games that provide added complexity. Bowl against AI or human batters and control field and captaincy strategy.

The Last Word on Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket delivers a superbly accessible and addictive cricket gaming experience. Itspick-up-and-play design makes whacking boundaries an absolute blast while still retaining the essence of cricket. An enjoyable distraction for new fans and experts alike, Doodle Cricket is the perfect way to get your cricket fix anywhere, anytime.

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